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  • Engine Size:

    5.0 Liter V8

  • Transmission Type:

    5 Speed Manual

  • Body Color:

    Burnt Orange

  • Interior Color:


  • Miles:

    6,929 (Since Built)

  • Location:

    Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

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    (based on 20% down over 120 months)


Factory Five Cobras not only capture the look of the world's favorite Anglo-American hybrid, but they were clever enough to build a car that takes advantage of the world's biggest supply of aftermarket performance. With a stout fuel-injected Mustang 5.0 under the hood and a Cobra-grade suspension, this is a very formidable roadster that's also reliable enough to drive every day.

There are plenty of Cobra replicas out there that have traditional colors, but nobody's going to believe they're original anyway. So why not go with something that looks good and makes a statement? The guys who built this car went the extra mile to make sure there were no disappointments, so this roadster stands up to the scrutiny it's sure to get. With gorgeous Sunset Orange paint and those faint ghost stripes, there's no disguising the Cobra shape, but this one takes on an altogether more menacing and modern persona than many of its siblings. Factory Five's fiberglass is better than most, so the car fits together quite well and with just a bit of prep, ends up looking like a million bucks. All the original Cobra design cues are there, from the mini bumperettes to the side pipes to twin roll bars for driver and passenger, proving once again that no car has survived the passage of history better than the Cobra. This is not a purist's car, of course, but if you want an awesome-looking snake that moves even better than it looks, this is your car.

I'm guessing the intent was to build a car that is as happy on the track as on the street, and the vintage-style low-back bucket seats seem to bear this out. Upholstered in beautiful tan leather, you feel bolted directly to the car and can feel every move it makes in the seat of your pants. Matching tan carpets help with heat control, but it's very bare-bones in the best sense of the word inside and with optional dropped floors, there's a lot more space than you'd expect, perfect for taller drivers. A simple upholstered dashboard houses modern Auto Meter gauges that look a lot like the original Smiths dials used in the 1960s. And while the wheel has a traditional Cobra logo, the fat leather-wrapped rim is purely to help you hold on tight. A forward-canted shifter manages five gears instead of four, and it's nice to see authentic little details like the leather check straps on the doors and simple latch hardware. A modern AM/FM/CD stereo system was neatly installed in the dash, and the trunk is fully finished to match.

While a heavy 427 scores cool points, if you're going to actually drive your Cobra an injected 5.0 is going to deliver more fun per cubic inch. Thanks to the wonders of electronic fuel injection, it starts instantly and runs like a scalded cat regardless of ambient conditions. Finned Ford Motorsport valve covers add a nostalgic touch, and if you've been under the hood of a 5.0 Mustang, you'll feel right at home here. Backed by a 5-speed gearbox and 8.8-inch rear, it has a gear for every occasion, from pulling a hole-shot to cruising on the highway. The tubular frame is very nicely finished, and with rack-and-pinion steering, 4-wheel disc brakes, and a set of coil-over shocks, handling is far sharper than anything with a big block could be. Charcoal-colored wheels look a lot like Ford Motorsport performance hoops and carry staggered performance radials for a pure Cobra look.

So if it's a Cobra you seek, this very drivable and very fast Factory Five roadster does everything quite well. Call today!


AM/FM Radio, CD Player, iPod Compatible, Leather Seats, Four Wheel Disc Brakes, Fuel Injection, Seatbelts



Engine Size
5.0 Liter V8
Transmission Type
5 Speed Manual


Body Or Basic Color
Burnt Orange
Body Style


6,929 (Since Built)


Interior Or Basic Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type
Center Console

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